The new simple way for organisations
to turn their novel ideas and vital goals into



Our Approach

"Our mantra is not to reinvent, but to leverage proven frameworks, models and best practices and adapt them to fit your organisation and culture."


We follow a simple 5-step delivery approach:

  1. Engage | Understand the situation and requirements 

  2. Diagnose | Analyse the challenges and set goals

  3. Design | Develop the business plan and solution

  4. Implement | Plan and implement the solution

  5. Grow | Instill a continuous improvement approach


Examples of the applied models and frameworks

  • Business Plan

  • Business Model Canvas (BMC)

  • Lean Kanban


And we leverage our own 3CP formula (compass + capability + culture = performance) to take a holistic and comprehensive approach to diagnose, design, implement and operate your new solutions.


Our Services

"The new simple way for your organisation to turn your novel ideas and vital goals into operational reality."


Every business journey starts with a novel idea. Successful organisations translate these ideas into products and services customers love and value. The delivery of these products and services is achieved by setting clear goals and ways of working. And crucially, the daily work routines and activities are executed smoothly. Simple!


Unfortunately, most organisations don't have clear goals and struggle with the daily execution of their activities.

Yellow Compass Business Plan

Create Your

Business Plan

Create a simple business plan based on

clear goals for your organisation

Yellow Compass Operating Model

Optimise Your

Operating Model

Define and implement agreed

ways of working

Yellow Compass Management Disciplines

Build Effective

Management Disciplines

Enhance your skills and capabilities to  operate your organisation effectively and efficiently 

Our Value Proposition

"The new simple way for your organisation to turn your novel ideas and vital goals into operational reality."


We bring and sustain order in disruptive and fast-changing environments. Our focus is to deliver sustainable and measurable outcomes.


Generated benefits


  • Focus your energy on the critical few goals

  • Generate new business opportunities

  • Increase operational productivity

  • Enable a culture of commitment and accountability

  • Increase customer and employee retention

  • Increase revenue

  • Reduce cost and risks

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